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July 30, 2012 by

What a glorious 5 days I've had here in NYC.  I flew across the Atlantic Ocean to meet with my Doing Business Like a Queen group at The Four Seasons New York.  I absolutely LOVE these women and our live training days together. 

We do in-depth learning and discovery on so much more than business and we cover smart business strategies too.  You can't achieve the kind of success these women accomplish without attending to both the feminine and the masculine parts of ourselves.

Doing Business Like a Queen Members at The Four Seasons New York

As women entrepreneurs, it's important to conduct your affairs in a luxurious environment with total support, full service, nourishing food, natural light and a cool vibration to create businesses that are going to the next level.   Check out our fabulous and plush meeting room for the day.

Luxurious meeting room at The Four Seasons New York


I've been writing a "Summer in the City" series while I've been here.  You can check out my post on "Tips for Manifesting" here.  And the post on "How to Be Memorable" here. More segments to come.

One of the BIG topics that came up in our women's entrepreneur group meeting is the concept of  "having it all".  Can you? Is it wrong? Is it possible to have what you want but not all at once?  Trust me, this topic hit a HOT spot within our group (you should have seen the looks on all of our faces).

So clearly today I feel inspired to speak further on today's Divine Living Radio Show live from The Four Seasons New York on the concept of:

"Women & Femininity:  Having it All ~ The Way Your Life is Meant to Be"

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Much love,
Gina DeVee
P.S. Please leave a comment below about your questions, feelings and thoughts about "Having It All"...let's start the conversation here!

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  1. Tracy Roman

    Great topic, Gina.

    (So glad you are enjoying yourself in my hometown, btw.)

    I always thought only very rich women could have it all. Truly, it would take a great deal of money to have all of the help and support to enable one to have it all. But how can we ALL have it all? I mean, how is it possible for everyone to do that? Not everyone can be a millionaire. So, if I have assistants and helpers (I don't, but if I did), how can they, too, have assistants and helpers to help them have it all?

    This just seems like another way the elite can separate themselves from the rest of us so that we're constantly scrabbling and trying to have it all and not being very successful at it. I'm not really certain it is doable for ordinary folks.

    Thank you,


  2. Rebecca

    Awe!!! You all look so great Gina!! I am certainly looking forward to today's call! What a great topic! Having it all is such an individual thing, so whatever it is you dream about experiencing, yes, I do believe you can have it, once you believe you can and open your arms to receive and trust!

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