Gina DeVee — Bock Bisztro — Budapest Part 1

July 10, 2012 by

On the train from Prague to Budapest

After taking the train from Prague to Budapest, Glenn and I arrived in the city center, and I immediately was enamored with the powerful vibration of this stunning metropolis.  I don't know how else to describe Budapest, other than the Eastern European version of Rome.  I had no idea.

My friend, Zoltan Konrady, made reservations for the three of us at the famed Bock Bisztro...this favorite among locals usually has a 3-day wait list so make your reservations early.

Bock Bistro--Budapest


What you're about to see is my 9:30 p.m. dining/entertaining/so-much-fun-it's-ridiculous first night in Budapest. 

WARNING:  To any and all health fanatics--some of the following content may be offensive.

Glass covered wine cork dining table


The one and only Zoltan Konrady of Konrady Foods


The highest quality of Hungarian smoked ham


Hungarian goose liver...divine on crusty bread.


Your basic Hungarian "sampler platter"--scrumptious.  Though not for the faint of heart.


Time to get up and stretch before the main course...hanging with the accordion player seemed like the right idea.


Stuffed guinea fowl. No pun intended.


The Hungarian version of the "floating island" dessert


More deliciousness!


Tobacco ice cream. Yes, I said "Tobacco Ice Cream"--it was luscious.


I hope you enjoy this series on Hungary & Budapest. 

Please leave me a comment about which course offended you the most.  I'll look forward to reading them as soon as I complete my half-marathon.


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  1. Amanda Moxley

    Hi Gina and Glenn,

    I am loving your pictures. What a treat to journey with you via your blog this summer! I have the best memories from our transformation in Tuscany retreat! Soak it up to the fullest!



  2. janet

    tobacco ice cream? need a fix of that!

  3. Christina Morassi

    I could never be offended with such joie de vivre! I think my favorite was the combination platter of gorgeous antipasti... (Can an Italian call it that in Budapest?)

    Thanks for being a shining example of living luxuriously!

  4. Sarah

    Looks incredible! Yummy and artful preparations. You're an inspiration, Gina.

  5. Amy

    What a beautiful outing! Gina, thanks for sharing stories and photos. I love seeing these places and the food. Your pictures are lovely, Keep them coming. You know me... I would love to see the bread and cheeses over there 😉 hinthint. Many Blessings ~Amy

  6. Heather

    Anything that has the word "liver" near it sounds yukky to me! But you know my traveling motto: "Try it at least!" The sesserts, of course, looked wonderful. Except tobacco ice cream. Tobacco? really?

    • Heather

      oops - Desserts. I've had a little wine.

  7. Fatma

    I am a health freak and I am delighted for you to be doing what you love and living the Good Life! Floating Islands used to be my favorite dessert as a child and my Mum made the best one. Intrigued by the tobacco ice cream!

    Keep those good vibrations flowing!

    Fatma XO

  8. Lisa Rothstein

    i think what offends me the most is the foie gras....because it is now ILLEGAL in California. Yours looks yummy. Have a nice slice with some sweet white wine for me! What a joy to see people really enjoying their food without all the Puritan guilt. Keep having fun!

  9. Kara

    My favorite is the accordion player. What a character!

    Food, friends, fun, love, tantalizing world travels amongst old-world European characters... What more could a girl want in life?

    Seriously, Madame DeVee, where will you go next? I know you've got something cooking!! (no pun intended)

  10. Carol Allen

    Wow - I'm so happy for you and the hubby that you're getting to see such amazing places and enjoy such an incredible culinary adventure. Thanks for sharing all the fun with us!

    • ginaratliffe

      You bet, Carol! Thanks for stopping by...and maybe one day we'll get you and your hubby on one of our culinary adventures so we can have fun together!

  11. Tal

    You go girl! Can't wait for virtual tasting.... hugs, Tal

  12. Tal

    You go Gina!!!! Can't wait for virtual tasting. hugs, Tal

    • ginaratliffe

      Virtual tastings?! I love it! All the way from Israel we'll be able to enjoy together...big hugs!

  13. Laura

    Hehe - that's definitely woken up my savoury tooth such that I might have to dash to the shops now for a very late supper... And unusually for me my sweet tooth hasn't been seduced ... Bailey's Ice Cream and you may have got me - but tobacco? OMG ...I'll use it to self-hypnotise to curb an ice-cream craving! 😉

    Love it that you're having so much fun - you're looking great and I can feel your joyful energy from here xx

    • ginaratliffe

      A Bailey's girl eh? Leave it to you Brits! Yes, the tobacco was divine...I've actually never even tried a I was more surprised than anyone of how much I enjoyed it...the true tobacco leaf is a divine ingredient!

  14. Lisa

    Gina, your pics are great and tempting, and I love the details you share about the people you meet and what it means to you. Thanks for taking us with you on your travels!

    • ginaratliffe

      I love sharing them with you all, Lisa...thanks for stopping by...I know how well you know Europe!

  15. Stephanie

    Your pics are amazing!!

  16. Ann Hobbs

    Love all the puddings, making me feel hungry. It seems an amazing place to visit. Ann x

    • ginaratliffe

      It is, Ann...I think Silvia started a desire for a foodie Budapest adventure for women entrepreneurs...we just may all meet there one day soon...

      • Csilla Bischoff

        Sounds great! I am a Hungarian native living in the US and it has been my dream to take people back to my home country for an adventure. I am glad to see all the amazing pics Gina took and it is great to see how many of you would be up to visiting this amazing country.

        • ginaratliffe

          Csilla, I really believe Hungary/Budapest is Europe's best kept secret. Everything about it...the architecture, the wines, the people, the food, the culture...all of it are so rich. I'm excited to share what I experienced with other women entrepreneurs.

  17. Cynthia

    OMG, I love all this food! I love that Europeans eat deliciousness with reckless abandon – while the U.S. has banned foie gras (*sniff*), I'm thankful to see such lovely cuts of meat, goose liver, and (WTF) tobacco ice cream.

    (How was that tobacco ice cream anyways? More addictive than normal ice cream?)

    • ginaratliffe

      First, the fact that your skinny little body has EVER been in the same room with foie gras is no, the ice cream wasn't as addictive, as much as it was

      • Cynthia

        OMG, I LOVE foie gras and patés. When I was in France I thought I ate my body weight in cheese – the stankiest, runniest, craziest cheeses ever that made my palate smile. A funny thing I've notice about Europe – even though I seem to eat way more than in the U.S., I don't gain what I expect to gain. Happiness = less stress = less fluff? or fewer chemicals than US? Hmmmmm........ 😉 (Though, I do know some pro Euro cyclists who have told me they gain weight when they come to the US to race!)

  18. Athene F.

    I laughed when I read:
    WARNING: To any and all health fanatics–some of the following content may be offensive.

    Quite the contrary, it makes me happy to experience this type of eating vicariously through you.

    You are clearly in your pleasure zone. I raise my glass of kombucha to you...Salut!

    • ginaratliffe

      OMG, one has ever raised a glass of kombucha to me...way to participate! Thanks.

  19. Lisa the photos, and even though I am super conscious about eating animals lately, I'd even eat the fois gras, but as my system is so clean these days, I have a feeling it would kill me!!!!

    • ginaratliffe

      Well, we do want you no goose liver for you!

  20. Laurie Cantus

    Hmmm That's.... awesome, actually. My favorite part of traveling is always trying interesting food. What was that red thing on the dessert plate? (I think it was dessert anyway.) Please just tell me it wasn't a heart. I think that's where I might need to draw the line. lol

    Budapest is a beautiful place. I had the pleasure of visiting that wonderful city back in my Army days on leave from Bosnia.

    Fun stuff! Thanks for sharing your adventures.

    • ginaratliffe

      Laurie...only YOU would have the opportunity to say "on leave from Bosnia"...what a time that must have been. AND it was raspberry sorbet!

  21. Silvia

    Holy food batman! Those pictures are awesome and I am sooooo intrigued by what they tasted like. Can you expand on the flavors??? :-)

    • ginaratliffe

      Next time I'll do a video so I can explain the flavors...OR...better yet...a women entrepreneur foodie trip to Budapest?!

  22. Victoria Player

    Gastronomic delights galore Gina! Healthy or not, it's part of the exploration of life - exploring new cultures, traditions and the food and lifestyle that goes with it. Bravo! Keep it up! BIG love. xx

    • ginaratliffe

      It's all a GRAND journey, glad to be journeying with you. Stay dry in England this summer!

  23. Rebecca

    WOW!!! These pictures are absolutely stunning!!! The food looks beyond amazing!! I am just loving following you on your adventures! It truly feels like I am along with you because you are sharing straight from your heart and I can feel your excitement and passion for your new explorations!!!
    Thanks for sharing Gina!! Enjoy:)

    • ginaratliffe

      I'm so glad you feel it, Rebecca...this is the whole point...for us to be together in the journey and be inspired by each other!

  24. Kim K

    Holy gorgeous batman! Not only does this food look AMAZING but you look radiant. Travel really agrees with you:)

    • ginaratliffe

      Very sweet of you, Kim...thanks so much! See you in NYC in a few weeks!

  25. David Neagle

    Are you kidding Gina!! This is simply the breath of life in art and food and fun! Nothing offensive here .....on the other hand I am totally offended the you and Glenn are dinning without Erin and I. Love ya both!!

    • ginaratliffe

      I do realize dining without you and Erin should be illegal...especially since we do it so well together. See you in NYC soon!xxx

  26. Glenn

    Such a great unknown foodie city. Delicious!!

    • ginaratliffe

      We had the time of our lives...thank you Zoltan!

      • Zoltan


  27. Jill

    LOVE these!!! Yummy, yummy, yummy (even from a vegetarian!)

    • ginaratliffe

      I totally forgot you were vegetarian...thanks for being a great sport, Jill!

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