Gina DeVee Divine Living ~ BBQ at a Hungarian Country Home (Budapest Part 5)

July 18, 2012 by

My friend, Zoltan Konrady of Konrady Foods gave me the tour of a lifetime in Budapest for bistros and Villany for wine tastings.  As if I wasn't falling in love with Hungary enough, Zoltan and his beautiful wife Ali, invited us to their country home for the weekend.

The pictures below are how we spent an idyllic summer evening in bliss.


A perfect summer evening at my friend Zoltan's country home


It all started right before sunset...


"Gin & Tonic" marinated salmon and nori wrapped smoked salmon for appetizers


A crisp sip of Sauska, a delightful Hungarian rose`


Could Zoltan & Ali's son possibly be any cuter? I think not.


Time for dinner! Delectable Wagyu beef from Zoltan's specialty food shop.


For the enchanting after dinner conversation...


Zoltan's exquisite wife, Ali.


The King & I dancing under the stars...


A moment to remember.


So, how we do summer nights in the Hungarian countryside.


I invite you to leave a comment about this summer evening, or share how you love to spend your summer nights.

Much love,

Gina DeVee

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  1. Joanne Reeves-Baker

    Looks magical

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