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August 20, 2012 by

Ciao from Italy!  I'm so happy here I can hardly stand it!  Spending my summer in Europe has been a dream I've had for quite some time.  As much as I believe in miracles, transformation and abundance, I am still filled with amazement and gratitude when the manifestations appear.

Gina DeVee on a boat from Barcelona to Italy.


When I travel, my vibration rises and the evolution of my work evolves.  Meaning, I've been getting brand new content coming through me at a higher vibration than ever before.  Here's a video I shot on the beach yesterday that explains more.

Join me today on my Divine Living Radio Show where I'll be taking your questions and discussing:

Creating Consistent Success Without Stress

Replay link:

Much love,

Gina DeVee

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  1. Ali Roth


    A State of Yes. What a mind blowing and perfect blessing you proffered this morning on your radio show!

    A "State of Yes" is my new mantra. Your answer to my question today completely transformed my two ensuing consultations both of closed in the most powerful and elevating ways.

    More importantly the advice of "staying with" the potential client, like a humanistic psychologist and getting them to a state of yes was palpably powerful for both of us. For me and how I approach these calls, it was a complete vertical and horizontal flip on signing up new clients.

    The two female therapists became clients today are both magical and gifted. Both have trouble saying yes to themselves, while having constructed practices built on saying, "Yes yes yes!" to others.

    I had the EXACT conversation on both calls we role played today.

    Also I love your language about the Feminine Vibration--it resonates deeply and sticking to my desire and not running headlong into operational tactics at the onset.

    I am hoping to be among the first 50 for the new Feminine Art of Manifesting.

    It is magnificent to watch you soar. Thanks for wanting to share it all with us.



  2. Jessica - designKREW

    This is so great Gina! I cannot wait to hear what you have to share! You are awesome!

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