Gina DeVee Divine Living ~ Horse Show in Hungary (Budapest part 6)

July 19, 2012 by

When my friend Zoltan and his wife Ali invited my husband and I to their Hungarian country home, I had NO idea the delight I was in for...especially the part about going back in time.  Now, admittedly horse shows aren't part of my typical routine these days...and this was a very helpful pattern interrupt!  Changing things up in our lives, doing different things...especially the kind of activities we women entrepreneurs don't usually participate in adds to a more colorful and interesting life.  And doing new things with friends?  Even better.

Here are some shots of my experience.  You'll have to scroll all the way down if you want to see a little surprise...

My beautiful friend, Ali on her way to the horse show.


With front row seats the view was amazing...

With front row seats the view was amazing...


So stunning.


Ali & Zoltan's precious children.


A new group decided to join the show...


I was invited to meet the horse...


And then...I was invited to ride the horse.


What new activities do you want to enjoy this summer?  Leave a comment below to let me know...

Much love,

Gina DeVee

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  1. Carla Lynne Hall

    These photos are fantastic, Gina! Okay, enough stalking your blog for today - time to go back to my Gina DeVee Online Empire homework so I can have my own adventures! Enjoy!!


    • ginaratliffe

      That's right, Carla! You can only get "so excited" over the life of someone else.

  2. Melissa Ghedini

    Too funny Gina, you're like "of course I'll ride this horse!"...there is never an adventure you won't take!!!!

    • ginaratliffe

      Glad you enjoyed it, Melissa. I do keep saying YES, and it keeps bringing me a great life. See you in NYC soon!

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