Gina DeVee Divine Living ~ Hungary is the NEW Tuscany! Part 4

July 14, 2012 by

When my friend and restauranteur, Zoltan Konrady offered to take me wine tasting out in the Hungarian countryside, I didn't say no.  This man knows food and wine like no other, so I was delighted to be the passenger.

We drove about 2 hours outside of Budapest through the simple and quiet rolling green hills, until we got to Gere winery (which also has a hotel, restaurant and spa).  We parked in what we thought was visitor parking, however, in looking for the door, we seemed to have entered the back entrance where 2 experienced winemakers were taking some time out for lunch in a picture that to me, looked about circa 1948.  They told us where the main entrance was, though, I couldn't leave without having this picture to show you.


A winemakers' lunch:  Hungarian sausages & cheeses scattered on the table, crusty bread nearby and of course their own wine. A moment in time.


Walking through Gere's lovely gardens to the restaurant.


Gere has exquisite style in every way. Suggestion: Do not underestimate the Hungarians!


Grapeseed oil and salted butter...beautiful presentation. I love learning new entertaining tips when I travel. It brings out the "art of the feminine".


Let the Gere wine tasting begin!


These great men are responsible for what you are about to witness next.


The amuse bouche...which means "to excite the palate"...simply divine!


Zoltan ordered this elegant chicken soup as a starter (I knew starter for me). I love Gere's tableside soup service.


The "garnish" for the chicken soup?  Of course.  A chicken wing.  Honestly, I never knew wings could taste like was SO scrumptious I'd like to bring you here so you can see for yourself.  Entertaining tip:  don't overlook the garnish.



I ordered the famous Hungarian Pike Perch for my main dish. I hope you can taste with your eyes how delicious this was.


Zoltan (thank gawd) ordered the pork cutlet with "cucumber spaghetti".  Yes I had half.


You didn't forget the wine tasting was still happening did you?


No, my husband Glenn wasn't there and yes, Zoltan ordered 3 entrees for the 2 of us. Introducing: The grand finale...the suckling pig.


The peach palate cleanser was a welcomed break.


Before the the chocolate decadence and a macchiato


The Chef de Cuisine, Hoffmann Oszkár, came out to greet us. The fact that I was able to stand up for this picture to be taken may be my most impressive accomplishment of the day.

The chef came bearing truffles...


To Zoltan and all those at Gere...thank you! What an extraordinary food & wine delight. 

Women entrepreneurs:  Who wants me to arrange a culinary tour and wine tasting in Budapest and Hungary?

Please leave a comment about if you'd like to come to Hungary with me, or where your favorite wine tasting spots are...

Much love,

Gina DeVee

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  1. Jen

    These pictures are ridic! Did you take a photography class along with Photoshop? They're incredible, look almost as good as the food. Rock on sister!

    • ginaratliffe

      No photo classes...just lots of love is making the pics turn out this way...thanks for noticing!

  2. Christian G.E. Schiller

    Very nice posting. Here is a posting on a lunch in the Gere Bistro schiller-wine

    • ginaratliffe

      I am forever in love with Villany, Gere and any food that comes along! Thanks for the link, Christian.

  3. Elizabeth

    Hi Gina....I woul love to arrange something in the future with you. I write for a travel website called check it out and let me know what you think.


  4. elyse


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