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July 16, 2012 by

My husband and I had a great weekend and are still in Europe--Brussels to be exact and we're, enjoying every minute.  

Want to know why we're loving life?  It's probably not what you think.  Travelling and working is not a vacation.  It's a lifestyle. 

And like any lifestyle, unless you have some structure, routine, groundedness and order in your life, it's impossible to be supported in your feminine energy and thus, impossible to be successful in any area of your life.

One of the reasons Glenn and I do life so well together is because we regularly communicate our desires and needs to each other.  It's not that we don't have our issues, it's just that through loving, compassionate and non-judgmental communication, we move past the blocks together.

Whether or not you're in a romantic relationship, as a woman entrepreneur, it's critical that we set up systems, structures, routines and ways of being in the world that support us and our that we can support so many others.


In today's Gina DeVee's Divine Living international radio show I'm going to be addressing:

  • The traits of a powerful as a feminine woman entrepreneur (Queen vs. Princess)
  • Why planning and taking time for yourself is more generous to others
  • How to ask for what you want without feeling guilty
  • The necessity of forgiving yourself for your many mistakes
  • Ways to feel safe and experience greater connection in friendships and community


Replay link of today's call is here.

Please "like" this Tweet this and spread the word to other women you know.  Looking forward to being with you on this important call for us all.
Much love,
Gina DeVee
P.S. What areas in your life would you like more love and order in ?  Leave a comment below.
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  1. Cindi

    Great call yesterday! It is starting to click that my spontaneous personality has gotten me to a good place in my life. However, to really be a game changer and to live my divine purpose, I have to start organizing my time even more. This will evolve my professional and personal life. "Chunking" my time is a must!
    Thanks for all your advice.

    • ginaratliffe

      Getting "ahead" is a true art, Cindi and requires a decent amount of attention and mastery. It's worth it though. Otherwise we don't enjoy life as much.

  2. Dr. Lorrie Lauer

    Gina coached me during the call and she suggested I ask God for a miracle. I did and I got it. I was in San Francisco at the time and was flying home to Palm Springs at 10:30 pm. Waiting in security at airport, I begin talking to tall man in front of me. So, what do you do? He Is a financial advisor. Do you do self directed retirement? He says YES!! I am been looking for someone to help me with this. I have IRAs and will get penalized almost 50% if I withdraw before I am 59 and a half. Wouldn't you know, I am 56 and a half. So, anyway, I want to invest in the WEU, World Education University before they go pubic, and this brilliant 32 year old man can help. Yahoo! He invites me for a drink while we wait for our flights. He asks me what I was doing in San Francisco, so I told him briefly about the free training, how to rejuvenate your practice. I asked him if I could read my What do you do statement from my I-phone to get his input: "You know how those who have lost a loved one are overwhelmed with heartache and pain? " He leans in. "What I do is help them find hope and teach them how to overcome their pain and learn to laugh and love again". He says, "My wife lost her grandfather 3 weeks ago....and it is affecting our marriage...." OMG!! I tell him that I would love to work with her and I could come to Long Beach, and before I could say it, he says: "We want to come to Palm Springs." I tell him that that is part of my platinum package that includes a weekend in luxurious home in the desert. My first high end client. This is my first high end intensive, and package. God bless you Gina for all you do. Thank you. Thank you all for your questions during the coaching calls. I have learned so much on these last 2 calls. I am just getting started. How can it get better than this?

    • ginaratliffe

      Hi Lorrie...thanks for being so open and sharing your gorgeous and miraculous experience. Whatever we want and need that supports our path is there for us. We may not always "like" what we're going through or experiencing, however we must always remember how loved we are and that there is a place for us, and abundance is available. Blessings to you...See you on the next call-in radio show!

  3. Athene F.

    Dear Gina,
    Thank you for addressing this very important piece to being a queen in business. Learning how to respect and honor our King in communicating our needs and desires while remaining anchored in our feminine.

    A new professional and personal paradigm is born through what you're teaching and more importantly, demonstrating for us!

    Keep the regular blog posts coming!


    • ginaratliffe

      A new professional and personal paradigm?! I love it. Athene, it's beautiful to see how you're soaking this all up. Keep enjoying! xx

  4. Alaya Gold @EmbodyYourDivinity

    Hi Gina,

    I LOVE your Monday coaching and have for a while...and when I read that you were up-leveling this coaching into a full on radio show...I was just like WOW!

    I have to say that I enjoy listening to you talk and inspire us more than I enjoy hearing you answer our questions. That's just my own personal take - I know others may not agree :)

    I think it's because of the energy of the first half is so much more fulfilling than the second half.

    The first half is all about reaching higher and our potential and destiny and it's like the second half kinda drags us into the mud a little with problems.

    I love being inspired on your calls...I wonder how we could keep the energy up during the whole call?

    Maybe some guidelines for questions?

    Just sharing my own personal perceptions! I know others may not feel the same and it might just be perfect as it is.

    Looking forward to more posts from your neo-nomad-luxury-lifestyle :)

    Alaya Gold

    • ginaratliffe

      Hi Alaya...I love your comments and feedback. Part of what I'm here for is to work with the lower vibrations to help them rise up. However, you comments have inspired me to do my own close at the end vs. let the Q&A finish it off. Thanks for adding your comments and reflections! Much love...

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