Gina DeVee Divine Living~Feeling Feminine at the Flea Market

July 17, 2012 by

I once heard Katie Lee say, "The kitchen is the heart of the home."  I dropped into my feminine energy when I heard this.  It made me want to give my beloved home more attention and personal touches.

As busy women entrepreneurs, our focus can be on:  all things business.  Making time for our men and/or kids, squeezing in a workout, and sometimes meeting friends out for drinks can unfortunately happen in this order.  The last thing we tend to spend time on as working women is updating our homes.

Recently, I took time out to be in my feminine, home-making mode...and I visited Europe's #1 ranked flea market, in of all places, Waterloo, Belgium.  We women business owners give so much of our creativity to our businesses, our clients, and to others, sometimes our home and the environment we spend the majority of our time is is what gets neglected.

NOT today!  Take this virtual tour with me as I play around with being creative for the home environment...creating true self-expression!

Remember, if you choose to go to a flea market, b-r-e-a-t-h-e.  Take. Your. Time.  See things not as they are, but as they could be.  That's one of the miraculous powers of the feminine:  transformation.


A Queen can never have too many candles at home--and these candlesticks have great poise. Either enjoy them as is, or lavish them with paint.


Host a tea party with this colorful set. Tea parties don't have to be something we just watch other women do in the movies!


A domino set for a bit of nostalgia.


What table wouldn't dazzle with these?


My mind reels with how I could transform this darling purse.


Exquisite lighting adds a delicate luminosity to any room.  A fun way to dress up office space!


Beautiful statement pieces like these can brighten up a study area or bar cart. 


Be creative and transform this mirror into a tray. Depending on your style, you could paint the wood. Then use it for entertaining or a as a stationary piece on your coffee table. Add candles and stack a few exquisite books...Divine.


Antique Bacarat champagne glasses.  Glorious.

Ceramic oyster dishes from the '70s.  This was my personal favorite.


 What rooms in your home would benefit the most from a few new flea market updates?  Or what DIY projects does your femininity and creativity crave?  Leave a comment...can't wait to hear about them!

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  1. Amanda

    OMG I love the chandeliers. Can you pick those up for me? I really really like them. They are so gorgeous. You are having so much FUN. I love your blog and seeing you tie the QUEEN and femininity into business. That is your gift for sure. I never would have EVER thought of any of the above YET I value beauty and femininity so much. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us.
    PS I'll never forget our mandatory supervised shopping spree in Tuscany!

    • ginaratliffe

      Amanda...good for you getting into your femininity here. I can hardly imagine you at a flea market...picking out items for the home?! And yet, important. Maybe I'll do a to create a feminine home office from a flea market edition just for you! And yes, our "mandatory and supervised" shopping experience in Florence was a moment to remember.

  2. Christina Morassi

    Wow, what a fun tour! I loved how you took us on the journey with you, and helped to open our eyes to the possibilities too. Beautiful photos, and beautiful ideas of feminine creation!

    • ginaratliffe

      Glad you enjoyed it, Christina! I can see you getting into something like this. :) Transformation for all things baby!

  3. Shakaya

    I can feel your joy and refreshment of personalizing a space with feminine touches, bursting through each photo lovingly taken as a sonnet of inspiration- beautiful Gina XxoShakaya

    • ginaratliffe

      Thanks, Shakaya. I knew The Earth Empress would appreciate this. I'll bet you add these touches to your home often.

  4. Cyndi

    I love your blog posts, they give me a little sigh of happiness and inspiration. My fave would be the champagne glasses : )

    • ginaratliffe

      Aren't those champagne glasses great?!

  5. Sarah

    Thank you for more inspiration, each picture drew a gap of delight from me, just glorious..I had to smile at Glenn's comment regarding shipping, I tackled much the same challenge from London...home..its all worth it!
    Enjoy your travels.

    • ginaratliffe

      So glad you enjoyed the pics, Sarah!

  6. Diane Young

    Hi Gina,
    Your photos are exquisite, and the eye for form and color enriched my day! I fell into a dream with the gold-inlayed tea cup!

    • ginaratliffe

      Thanks, Diane...and yes, I'm with you on the gold inlayed tea cups!

  7. Ann Hobbs

    Love the chandeliers. Would look great in my bedroom! Thanks for the daily inspiration x

  8. Shirley Ann

    Now that is a true King, loving and supporting his Queen! Thank you for being such a pure inspiration Gina, by simply 'being' you remind me of what it feels like to be a Queen. Thank you.

    • ginaratliffe

      There's a Queen in us all Shirley Ann...let's remember that! Much love...

  9. Kara

    I love the oyster shells too, Gina! And the tea cup.

    But let me just say... when I am most in my feminine, after really taking some time to love my body, nourish it, do something creative and unexpected with my day, entertain my heart, simply for heart's sake... taking a few minutes or maybe even a few hours to forget my "zone of practicality"... that's usually when the magic happens.

    And by magic, I mean- I usually I find myself chopping garlic by a warm stove when it's through.

    I can't agree with you more!

    • ginaratliffe

      Love hearing how for you (and me) garlic = femininity. What a Queen!

  10. Glenn

    A woman at a flea market is a lovely thing to observe. Now to figure out shipping.
    Life is a dream!

  11. Grace

    Hi Gina,

    wow I know this market at Waterloo only too well! When I lived in Bruxelles it was a little haven for vintage shopping, so glad you got to experience this too!

    My favourite are the wine glasses and the champagne glasses, stunning!

    I am very much wanting to come into my feminine especially concerning space,your environment influence your work, wealth and well-being and right now I am ready for a fresh new beach home in the year ahead.
    Looking forward , thanks for the inspiration GXX

    • ginaratliffe

      Grace...of've been here...the world traveler that you are. The glasses are stunning. Glad this femininity + lifestyle work is appealing to you. It's fun sharing with like minds and hearts...

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