Gina DeVee Diving Living ~ The Beauty of Budapest part 3

July 13, 2012 by

My husband Glenn and I "hopped off" one of the Budapest tour stops, admittedly strategically, near the famed Four Seasons Budapest.  After a FULL few hours of sightseeing it was clearly time for a break. 😉

The terrace was calling us...LOUDLY.

My darling husband at the Four Seasons--Budapest


The flowers on the Fours Seasons--Budapest terrace...divine!


Relaxing in my feminine energy, being supported by the outstanding environment, and blissfully enjoying the company of my dear husband.


And then it was time for a refreshments!


And salt-n-pepper calamari...mmmmm.


The completion of any great happy hour: coconut shrimp!


Tips for being feminine:

1.  Travel and see new sites to get out of your regular routine and in a new environment.

2.  Spend LOTS of quality time with your beloved...just being.

3.  Create the time to enjoy more "happy hours" whatever version in yours.

Leave a comment below on your favorite way (or place) to spend "happy hour"...


Gina DeVee

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  1. Ann Hobbs

    I love to spend my happy hour in nature,walking and being at one with the universe!!! Lovely pics makes me hungry every time I read your blogs.

  2. Victoria Player

    You're doing well to keep up with the blog post every day Gina Ratliffe!

    The camera that you bought in Florence was definitely worth the investment. Great quality pics.

    My fav place to spend "happy hour" is anywhere different. It always raises the spirits. x

    • ginaratliffe

      You have such a way with words, Victoria! We'll have to find a hot spot next time I'm in London to lift those spirits together.

  3. Kat

    I love the Four Seasons- Fond if slightly blurry memories of the one in SF with you and The JS…This looks divine so nice to see you and Glenn blissed out in Budapest!

    Kat x

    • ginaratliffe

      Ahhhh, the memories! Sending you and the little one love...

  4. Grace

    Dear Gina,

    Such beautiful imagery and a lot of luxury well enjoyed it seems.

    I love "happy hour" in Italy we call it aperitivo , it's my favourite time signalling a time to simply BE, marking the end of the work day or week with a divine glass of white crisp vino and some little nibbles alongside.

    I hadn't thought of it as a feminine ritual so thank you for enlightening me as I journey more into the feminine in a new land and a new life.

    Gratitude, Grace

  5. Glenn

    Never met a Four Seasons I didn't like.

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