How to Be Memorable ~ “Summer in the City” Part 2

July 27, 2012 by

Having traveled the world, I've enjoyed the good fortune of experiencing many grand hotels and resorts.  Some luxurious, some quaint, and I have very fond memories of my trips.  On my recent New York City stop to come and play, meet up with friends, plus host a private meeting with some of my top clients, I chose The Four Seasons New York.

Upon my arrival, I was impressed with the grand entrance.  After 2 months in Europe and getting off a flight from Paris, it felt fantastic to be back in the United States and welcomed in Four Seasons style.

Lobby Entrance at the Four Seasons New York


My room is fabulous! So perfect for a good night's sleep after a long flight, with plenty of space to unpack and work. A Queen does need her space after all.


My husband and I were welcomed with a hand-written personalized note.


Absolutely divine strawberry lemonade, strawberry macaroons, and in-season strawberries.


Drum roll please! Now for the "Most Memorable Welcome Ever": Sugar art with our picture plus chocolates!

The generosity and creativity of Tiffani Cailor and the Four Seasons staff inspired me to think of new ways to be memorable in life and in business.  Any great resort or hotel can have a bottle of Champagne waiting, or the still life picture looking fruit plate.  However, to make the effort to visit my blog, get a picture and create this spectacular welcome piece is a treat and treasure I'll always remember.  Thank you Four Seasons New York!

Tips for Being Memorable in Business and Life:

1.  Think of what is standard practice in your industry and then...don't do that.  Think of the Champagne example from above.  As lovely as it is, it's still ordinary for 5-star hotels, and for those of us business travelers who visit them regularly, it's almost even expected. Thinking outside the box is a key way to leave a lasting impression.

2.  Personalize...anything.  In our high-tech, fast-paced, Facebook group, email blast, Twitter list era, the personalized touch in Western society is lacking.  Personalizing something for your top client, weekend house guest, or BFF adds an element of sparkle and joy to anyone's life and will surely be remembered.

3.  The handwritten note.  Whether it's a thank you note, or a "thinking of you" card, receiving thoughtful sentiments on beautiful stationery is always memorable.

4.  Pick up the phone.  In our age of internet, opt-in boxes,  autoresponders, and texting...actually picking up the phone and calling people creates a connection a bond and has a prospective client or friend or colleague feel special.  We all remember the people who had us feel special.

5.  For no special reason.  Receiving a call, a letter, a gift out of the blue or "just because" is a great way to celebrate life and the people who you care about.  Think of one person right now who you want to do something memorable for, and do it...just because.

Much love,

Gina DeVee



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