Hello from Lisbon! My husband and I have been here for the past week soaking up the splendors of Portugal and enjoying the perfect combination of leisure + business during our stay at The Corinthia Hotel.  We’ve managed to have time to nurture our relationship, give attention to our business dreams, experience summer nights Lisbon-style, work out in the super fab gym, I spent time editing my book proposal and we even made it out to the resort town of Cascais.

As I write this even I wonder how we’ve fit it all in.  There’s a reason we can “do it all”, and it’s of course because we’ve made the decision to live life to the fullest in all areas, and we make a commitment to use our time effectively.

Over the years of growing my business I’ve found that one of the most important factors of my success is that I’m focused and I use time in a way that is in direct connection to my goals.  What I’ve seen in both myself and my clients is that the misuse of time is the #1 thief of quantum leaps and massive success for women entrepreneurs.

On today’s Divine Living Radio Show ~ From The Corinthia Hotel in Lisbon ~ I’ll be discussing:

My personal secrets to the best time management skills

that support women business owners in “having it all”

Broadcasting live from my “Lisbon Office” ~ The Executive Club at The Corinthia Hotel


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Much love,
Gina DeVee
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