Monday Motivation ~ Avoid the #1 Thief of Success

August 6, 2012 by

Hello from Lisbon! My husband and I have been here for the past week soaking up the splendors of Portugal and enjoying the perfect combination of leisure + business during our stay at The Corinthia Hotel.  We've managed to have time to nurture our relationship, give attention to our business dreams, experience summer nights Lisbon-style, work out in the super fab gym, I spent time editing my book proposal and we even made it out to the resort town of Cascais.

As I write this even I wonder how we've fit it all in.  There's a reason we can "do it all", and it's of course because we've made the decision to live life to the fullest in all areas, and we make a commitment to use our time effectively.

Over the years of growing my business I've found that one of the most important factors of my success is that I'm focused and I use time in a way that is in direct connection to my goals.  What I've seen in both myself and my clients is that the misuse of time is the #1 thief of quantum leaps and massive success for women entrepreneurs.

On today's Divine Living Radio Show ~ From The Corinthia Hotel in Lisbon ~ I'll be discussing:

My personal secrets to the best time management skills

that support women business owners in "having it all"

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Gina DeVee
P.S.  Please leave a comment below about your top time management questions or challenges...

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  1. Carla Lynne Hall

    Hi Gina,

    Slightly off-topic, but I must share!

    This evening during my daily walk, I listened to your "Going Global" call from last year (I think), and heard you mention a glorious plan that Glenn helped design, with you traveling to many countries and offering various programs.

    I suddenly realized that you are NOW living that plan, which is yet another example of how our visions are not too big for us.

    Thanks again for that inspiring reminder. Now I'm off to work on your Online Empire course!


  2. Lisa Rothstein

    Hello from the UK today! Hubby and I will be visiting Highclere castle tomorrow, where Downton Abbey is filmed. We have an appointment with the real-life Countess Carnarvon, the current lady of this great house. I guess one way to feel like a Queen is to hang out with royalty, LOL!

    My biggest distractions are my own ideas and passions. So I have a few tricks for staying on track. They work great -- when I remember to do them!

    One is to make focus a game instead of a chore. I use the Pomodoro Technique. Sounds more complicated than it is -- basically a kitchen timer, but used with a simple but powerful strategy of 25 minutes on and 5 minutes off. See this article I wrote last year for a review and how-to:

    Another thing I've done -- in keeping with treating myself like a Queen -- is to join a gorgeous private club with a great view and a high-level energy for working. I try to work from there a few times a week. Just putting on "real" clothes and going somewhere away from the psychic clutter of home and creating a real work/home separation makes a huge difference in what I get done. The challenge here is getting myself dressed and out the door, because it can be so tempting to just switch on the computer in ones pajamas and stay there. My plan is to use it more. It is an investment, but it's actually less than renting an office would be and fulfils the same purpose -- and is actually better because there is the potential of meeting clients there.

    This is a great topic! Glad I downloaded the replay.
    Happy travels!

  3. Marlene Martin

    Working from home with TV, pets, coffee, beautiful days...sometimes I don't get the structure until about noon to my day! I wish i had an accountability "TIME partner"!

  4. marjorie

    Sometimes I feel like I don't know what to do next. when you have done every thing you know to do and have become bored by the same activities that are not producing. What next?

  5. Bria

    Avoiding distractions. I get so caught up on distractions.
    Why don't I address imp things?
    Why don't I attend to imp things?
    Why do I get easily distracted by distractions?


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