Private Business Coaching Intensive at The Four Seasons New York

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When my client Kara Gilligan of scheduled a private business coaching intensive with me at The Four Seasons New York, I'm not sure who was looking forward to it more, her or I.

Kara Gilligan of and me at her private coaching intensive in NYC.

As a former psychotherapist, now life and success coach, I've facilitated many private intensives over the years, and I've been the client in many intensives as well.

To be a client in one of these private intensive days, is one of the most profound gifts you can give to yourself as a woman entrepreneur.  Why?  When you consider that most of us spend about 10-12 hours a day, 5-6 days a week working on our businesses and growing our ideas...doesn't it make sense to take one day out periodically to receive mentoring, support and to develop and create new strategies to make your company more profitable and more enjoyable?

I know what a blessing it is to be the client and receive the guidance and expertise that great coaches have.  I feel more powerful and capable after my coaching intensives.  New ideas about my passion-based business get added to an already great plan.  Plus, "thoughts grow stronger as they are shared" so when one idea is brought up, it can be tweaked, expanded and given an action plan.

As a coach, facilitating private coaching intensives is beyond a joy because I get to use my gifts and talents in a really BIG way, that in turn, serves the client immensely.  These are truly life changing days.  I consider it an honor to do this work in this "live and luxurious way".

First, I start my day out with a spa treatment to make sure I'm fully relaxed, grounded and centered in my body, mind and spirit so I can deliver the best services I'm capable of.  The Four Seasons New York has a glorious spa, and I experienced the "Acupressure With Back Walking" massage.


Acupressure With Back Walking Massage Room at The Four Seasons New York Spa

Next, I get ready in a relaxed manner, so that I feel feminine, beautiful and calm before my client arrives.  Part of how I accomplish being stress-free while I'm traveling is to have enough space for my belongings and have them spread out and organized, so I can see everything.  Rumbling through a suitcase and frantically digging into the bottom of a purse to find your lip liner is no way to start a powerful day of coaching.

Organizing your beauty essentials is a "must" for Queenly living.


Next, make sure you choose a high-frequency environment that will literally support your high-frequency day with your client.  My preferences are a luxurious setting, plush furniture, natural lighting, healthy snacks and a box of tissue close by.

The Four Seasons New York provides a fantastic environment for private coaching intensives


I of course can't share all that happened during the rest of this transformational day, due to confidentiality, however, I can share that in my intensives I cover personal, business, spiritual, and technical topics.  Kara walked away with greater clarity, power, confidence and plan that she is implementing as you're reading this blog post!

We were both so thrilled with the results that were accomplished we spontaneously did a quick NYC photo shoot.  Check out the powerful, stunning, branding expert, Kara Gilligan:

Branding Expert, Kara Gilligan of


Kara Gilligan glowing after her private coaching intensive in NYC


Here's to your success in hosting your own private intensive days!


For more of my personal tips on how to create your own private intensives, including templates, contracts, welcome packets and wealth consciousness teachings, visit:

Much love,

Gina DeVee


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  1. Ann Hobbs

    Fab pics, what natural beauties you both are!! Love the hotel, makes me want to visit soon x

  2. Joanne Reeves-Baker

    I love it, I am creating some courses and intensives at the moments which will be held at the Spa Champneys, I'm all about using Relaxation to enable healing, learning and the brain to get in top top gear. :-)

  3. Carla Lynne Hall

    Go, Gina! Go, Kara! Wooooo!!!

    I'll be keeping an eye on Kara's adventures as she uplevels after this meeting!


  4. Margaret Buj

    Lovely post and pictures, Gina! And I can see you are a Chanel fan like myself!:-)

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