Summer in the City ~ Part 1

July 26, 2012 by

Flying from Paris to NYC and arriving at The Four Seasons is something that used to be a mere dream, and yet as women entrepreneurs, we have the opportunity everyday to manifest our dreams and make them a reality.

Tips for Manifesting Anything You Desire:

1.   Get crystal clear on what you want to achieve and how you want to make a difference in people's lives.  Do you know that statistically only 1 in 100 people know what they want?  I wasn't shocked when I heard this considering how few people on the planet seem happy, empowered, or living out their dreams--let's not fall into this category!

2.  Get really good at visualizing your desires and intending for them to become your reality.  As women, we're quite supportive of "other people" being able to do what we want:  publish a book, land a TV gig, attract the right man, drop the 10 lbs., etc.  But when it comes time for YOU to receive your dream, do you tend to clam up, play small, feel inferior, or say "one day" it'll happen? Visualize with great detail, YOU receiving all that you desire.

3.  Get yourself into an environment that is of a high frequency.  Your physical environment greatly impacts the way you create.  It's important that you love where you are, whether at home, in your car or your hotel suite--surround yourself with beauty, with luxury, and with a high vibration that supports the best in you.

Leave me a comment about which of these tips you're going to implement and why.

Much love,

Gina DeVee

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  1. Caroline Cain

    Hi Gina,
    I read that you will be coming through Copenhagen this summer - when will you be here and is there any chance of meeting up to find out about coaching together long distance? Would love to have the chat in person if possible!

  2. Gail Jamentz

    Gina, I so agree with tip #3! When a women works in a home or corporate office environment that is a true reflection of herself, her achievements and her passions- she feels more confident and this is projected in her voice with clients/patients and reinforces a positive self image she can bring to the world. An uninspiring, cluttered or deary work space creates low energy and negative thinking. Here's to surrounding yourself with color and beauty!

    • ginaratliffe

      Right on, Gail! Leave it to you and your great style to point this out.

  3. Kara

    As per your environment, I'm learning the benefits and importance of that right now! Having just completed a move to a new, upscale locale that makes me radiant with joy, it's so true!

    Just want to add... your online presence is an environment too. Up-leveling your look, just like upleveling your locale, gives you more confidence, joy, and ups your manifestation power!

    • ginaratliffe

      Ooooh, Kara...what a most excellent point to add here. See, we all need to add our area of expertise to the conversation. Thanks for adding such an important point!

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