Too Busy for Self-Care?

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I recently hosted an event for women entrepreneurs as well as a private coaching intensive at The Four Seasons New York.  Before I go into an intensive day where I'm giving a lot of energy and taking care of my clients, I make sure that I give myself all of the nurturing and self-care necessary, so that I can be as effective as possible as a business coach and motivational speaker.

I often hear women business owners say they don't have time for self-care because they are too busy working.  As women entrepreneurs we always have more emails to answer, more marketing to do, more voice mail messages to clear, and more social media to rev up.  However, working too many 12+ hours days at home in our pajamas with no makeup on doesn't exactly make for anyone's picture of success.  Nor does it give your clients the best of you.

Since we can't give what we don't have, it's necessary to give time to your own self-care.  We forget that we are more creative and our businesses are more profitable when we take time for ourselves, are in-tune with our bodies and listen to our intuition.  All great success requires being able to harness your passion and your feminine power.

One of the best (and fastest) ways for me to get grounded and clear is to experience spa treatments in a luxurious setting.  In the midst of my very exciting coaching work in NYC, where I was giving advice, energy and guidance, I also made sure I took the time to receive, nurturing, self-care and support at the gym & spa.


Working out at the gym had me feel proud that I was taking the time to take care of my physical well-being.


Time to release, relax, exhale and go within.


My whole body opened up as soon as I stepped off the elevator and saw this display.




I LOVED the acupressure with back walking massage...totally blissful and what a unique body treatment.


Close up of the handrails for the back walking body treatment

Time for nails! Talk about an abundance of options...


The Four Seasons New York has a beautiful and quiet manicure room


I love Butter's color's!


What a glorious time of self-care it was.  Thank you Four Seasons New York!

Much love,

Gina DeVee


P.S. Leave a comment below about your favorite ways to nurture your femininity and take care of yourself before client meetings and speaking events.


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  1. norina

    inspiring tips. I will do the same tonight!

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