Tuesdays with Fuji ~ Morning Rituals with Nature & Animals

July 24, 2012 by

I've had the exquisite blessing of spending the past 20 days at a friend's home in the countryside just outside of Brussels.  Though I knew the company would be superb, fun times would be had and enjoying the gentleness of the summer air would be divine...the surprise I didn't anticipate is the gift of Fuji.

Being a bit more of an indoor girl, admittedly walking through forests, dodging spider webs and getting my shoes wet has not been my morning ritual of choice.  That is, until I met Fuji.

With impeccable communication and persuasive abilities the best of politicians could only hope to achieve, here's a view of how my days in Belgium begin:

Time for a morning walk through the woods


My husband, not entirely pleased, yet rendered equally powerless to Fuji's persuasion...


The plant kingdom in all her glory...the majesty of this tree reminds me of a curvy, glamorous, full-bodied woman


A little playfulness at the start of the day does a woman good!


Gratitude. Noticing the formerly unnoticed ways all of nature and the Universe works to support  us and create a beautiful habitat.


Enjoying the morning ritual of "being"

Strength + Power + Courage + Love. = Tree Wisdom


No words needed, just: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...


The morning walk feels sooooo good to my body.


Back "home"...thanks Fuji!

Morning Rituals with Nature & Animals:

1.  Do something in nature.  Smell the roses on your way to work, take a 15 minute walk around your neighborhood, have lunch in a park.

2.  Animal love.  For those of us who have four-legged friends, this is easy to do.  If there isn't a tail wagging when you go home, offer to take a friend's dog for walk, or make time to visit a neighbor with a cat.

3.  Gratitude.  If you feel lost, alone, unsure, or separate from much of humanity...take a look around at all in the Universe that is working for you and your good.

Have suggestions?  Leave a comment below about your favorite morning rituals with nature and/or animals.

Much love,

Gina DeVee


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  1. Carla Lynne Hall

    Those trees are gorgeous!!!

    My morning ritual is a half-hour walk around my neighborhood park. I'm grateful to have a little slice of heaven across the street from where I live. They also have a dog run, so I enjoy watching the dogs play with each other as I pass.

    Here's to another great week, Gina!

    xoxo Carla

  2. Linda Cassese

    Loved reading about your morning ritual with Fuji. My little Pekingese, Gi Gi (la ma Rosa) was snoring so loud as I read your story, I could not help but smile & realize the uniqueness of each dog/cat in our lives...they are special and compelling in their ways. I bet I know 2 people that are missing their lil' Ginger too. What a great reunion that will be. Smile.

  3. Cory Kemp

    Lovely part of the world. Reminds me of the park across the street from my home. My cats greet me every morning and I return the favor saying, "Isn't it a beautiful day God has given us?" Every day God gives us is beautiful.

  4. Filiz Dolar

    Great pictures! Looks absolutely lovely.. It looks like Fuji is walking himself hahaha! Looks like an inspirational place

  5. Cindi

    Hi Gina,
    On Animal Love- One of my yoga student's brought her therapy dog to class this morning. I almost rushed off to my next shin dig without giving the 9 yr old dog some love. Of course the cuteness and loving nature of the dog drew me in and I couldn't resist. Why did I even think I had to? Having a few minutes with her dog softened yet grounded me.

  6. Jeannette

    Thank you for reminding us of the beauty and pleasure of the most simplest ways of being. I can totally relate to this post as my beloved dog who passed away earlier this year taught me more about being than I could have ever imagined. I will say that the greatest lesson he taught me was to be excited, even for the every day routine. I was always amazed how excited he would get for his walks! Everytime I said the words "time to go out" he would leap up, run to the front door, chase his tail around, try to pull the leash out of my hand, pant, and jump on my leg. And I would always have the same respone "Calm down! We do this everyday, three times a day. You know what's coming" Then one day it hit me. If you expect the ordinary than that is how life will unfold yet when you expect the extraordinary life is much more beautiful. That was the beginning of the way I saw my world. I now live in a state of excitement and expectancy for good. Yeah sometimes my loved ones think I am crazy or over reacting but I love it and it is a great way to honor one of my greatest teachers :)

  7. Melissa Ghedini

    My dog Max gets me out everyday either for our run or a walk (which I think we both secretly prefer the walk!). When we do walk that's when I say all the things I'm grateful for...the trees, the air, the sun, the dog and the hubs!

  8. Laura

    Hi Gina - I love this blog post, replenishing time in nature and woodlands is vital for me to remain centred and in the flow ... Great photos too - I like the way Fuji starts off looking like a cute spaniel with a german shepherd's hairdo (!)... and ends up looking like a chilled out lion!

    Now I'm off for a walk in nature as we are blessed today with beautiful sunshine at long last...followed by coffee, cake and journaling in the stately home garden which has a view point over the entire London sky-line. That's my nature ritual!

    I don't have a dog at the moment but I do notice that the more I'm in Joy and Peace the more all the dogs up in the woods bound over like long-lost friends to say hello and share in it. A great vibrational barometer!

    Have a beautiful day xxx

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